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About us

Zebrabar is the alternative to "normal" beach holidays. Directly on the sandy beach of the salty river Senegal we are a camp site with bungalows, a restaurant a tower with panoramic views and a child-friendly playground, meeting all environmental criteria.

After many trips in Africa we found this lovely place and started building the Zebrabar in 1996. Zebrabar is the meeting-place for African travelers. Whether you are on the north-south or the east-west route, at Zebrabar you can share the latest information about your trip with fellow travelers. From the tower you can admire the beautiful view over the river and the sea. For all repairs on your vehicles there is a well-equipped workshop and competent help at hand. Zebrabar is also a unique destination for Ornithologists and Birdwatchers since it is located within the national park "Langue de Barbarie", well known for its abundant fauna with numerous birds (pelicans, flamingos, etc.). The entrance fee to the National Park is 5’000 CFA per person for foreigners and 3’000 CFA for locals (children over 10 years old). For guests who spend the night at Zebrabar, this fee is included. The park can be reached by fishermen’s pirogue or with the Zebrabar’s kayak and canoes.

The name ZEBRABAR comes from ZEBRA (which stands for Africa) and NjagaBAR (which means Pelican in Wolof, Senegalese language). Our children, Samira (1999), Marco (2002) and Nora (2011) grew up at Zebrabar and went to school in Saint-Louis. Together with our employees of many years, Anta, Binta, Iaia, Karim, Koutaye, Nafi, Pape, Rokhaya and Saer we would love to welcome you and be your hosts. 



The camp ground is located in a beautiful setting along the salty Lagoon Senegal. Abundant trees give you enough shade and the lovely breeze from the sea provides a comfortable temperature.

For guests who spend the night at Zebrabar, the entrance fee for the national park, 5'000 cfa p.p., is included.

Zebrabar offers accommodation for every budget:

Camping and small bungalows   photos)

  • Camping

  • Chaïma (room with 6 double beds)

  • Magirus (small cabin)

  • 3 small bungalows

  • Bungalow oval

Bungalows with bathroom (with en suite)  (photos)

  • Case bleue and Penkou

  • 4 deluxe bungalows by the lagoon(Bened, Gimano, Piasava and Mika)

  • 1 two-storey bungalow by the lagoon (Emmaro)

Bungalows Plan 2022.PNG


                                                    our coordinates: N15° 51.850′   –  W16° 30.710′

By plane

Various airlines fly to Dakar. We can organise a pick up.

The drive from Dakar to Saint-Louis takes about 4 hours and costs approximately 100 Euros.

By road

From Saint-Louis it’s about 20 km in a southerly direction to Dakar. 
As you leave Saint-Louis, after the dike there is crossroads where

you can see a water tower. Go straight ahead on the D400 road towards Gandiol.

From Diama it’s about 50 km in a southerly direction to Dakar. 
You can bypass Saint-Louis by the "Takk gui" dike.

From Dakar about 240 km in a northerly direction to Saint-Louis.

In Kébémer you can turn left to Lompoul and drive there north

on a good tar road to the north. Before Mouït (photo) you take

the piste and follow the signs.

                                                                                                                                                          Junction coming from Lompoul to Mouït

On foot/by taxi

For about 3’000 CFA (€ 4.50) for the ride from Saint-Louis to Zebrabar take one of the yellow and black cabs. Directions for your driver: Zebrabar in Mouït- Gandiol, near the entrance to the National Park Langue de Barbarie.


Mouit - Google Maps - Google Chrome 28.1
Zebrabar - Google Maps - Google Chrome 2





For our meals we use only local produce. The menu offers African, European and Asian dishes. We serve fish, meat and vegetarian meals.


  • Breakfast: 3’000 CFA (€ 4.70) for kinds up to 6y:  2'000 cfa

  • Lunch: 4’500 CFA (€ 7.00) children 2'500 cfa (€ 3.90)

  • Dinner: 7’000 CFA (€ 10.95) inclusive of salad and desert, main course only: 4’500 CFA (€ 7.00)

  • Sandwich: 2’000 CFA (€ 3.15)

  • Drinks: 1’200 – 2’000 CFA (€ 1.90 – 3.15)

resto mit turm.JPG

Wifi code is available at the bar to all guests





  • Relax!

  • Children can bath in the lagoon, play on the sandy beach or on the playground

  • Excursions in the national parks                                                                                                                                                          (Parc national de la Langue de Barbarie, Réserve de Guembeul, Parc national des oiseaux du Djoudj)

  • Visit of Saint-Louis and its market

  • Pirogue-trip on the Senegal lagoon

  • Swimming in the lagoon and the sea

  • Fishing

  • Kayak tour (not possible for the moment - the mouth of the Senegal river moves towards south direction to zebrabar)

  • Walking in the beautiful surroundings

  • Reading: we have many book in our library

  • Drum lessons on request

  • African dance lessons on request

  • Excursions to the animal parc "forêt de Bandia" and Accro Baobab Adventure (climbing in baobabs with good equipment)

  • At Pentecost, the Jazz-Festival of Saint-Louis takes place:

  • for more information:



The YouTube video was made in 2016, when the headland still protected us; now we are at the opening of the sea.











National Park Langue de Barbarie

The Zebrabar is situated in the middle of the National Park Langue de Barbarie. From the Zebrabar you can take a 90minute boat tour and observe the diverse birdlife.
On a pirogue the tour you can see a breeding islands with pelicans, cormorants and seagulls.
If you feel like, you can walk over the sand bank where miles of empty sandy beach invites you to a relaxing walk.


National Park Gueumbeul
On the way from Saint-Louis to the Zebrabar is the National Park Gueumbeul.
Gazelles, oryx, turtles and monkeys are easy to spot in this 700ha park. Monkeys will sometimes jump over the fence and you can see them on the road.


National Park Djoudj
The third largest bird sanctuary in the world (16,000 ha) is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is situated about 60 km north of Saint-Louis, towards the Mauritanian border.
Ornithologists and birdwatchers can discover the beauty and diversity of the African birdlife. The 1-hour boat trip brings you to one of the islands where each year thousands of pelicans breed and nurture their youngsters. Along the waters’ edge you should also see monitor lizards, crocodiles, warthogs and if you are lucky pythons.

The Desert of Lompoul
About 50 km south of the Zebrabar between Kébémer and the Atlantic Ocean are some wonderful sand dunes. The Lodge in this lovely setting invites you to experience a night in the desert – in case you didn’t drive through the desert on your way to Zebrabar. You can also experience riding a camel.

Accro Baobab Adventure
On the Petite Côte, south of Dakar, is a unique climbing park in a Baobab forest. Adults can climb with professional equipment and instructors from Baobab to Baobab. They have also built a special climbing area for children. For more information visit:

Fôret de Bandia
On the Petite Côte, just across from Accro Baobab Adventure, is the 1’200ha animal park Fôret de Bandia. Well known for its renound restaurant overlooking the lake where monkeys, warthogs, buffalos, gazelles and birds meet. For more information visit:





  • Dry season: November to May
    Low humidity. The temperatures are dependent on wind: with offshore winds (Harmattan) expect 30 to 35°C and with onshore winds (alizée maritime) expect 20 to 30°C (don’t forget your warm clothes).

  • Rainy season: June to October
    High humidity. Little rain. Temperatures vary from 27 to 37°C.

  • Surf season: November to April



Senegal has no mandatory vaccinations.
We recommend vaccinations against polio, diphtheria, tetanus, yellow fever, hepatitis A and B and malaria prophylaxis.



Confirm your visa requirements before traveling but most nationalities do not require a visa.

Check on this page, if you need a visa for Senegal:

Carnet de passage en douane
Your stay in Senegal is easier if you have a "carnet de passage"  (cdp) if entering the country by car or motorcycle.

But even with a cdp, you will get a "passavant" at the northern border for a few  days and the cdp you have to let stamp in Dakar.

If you don’t have a cdp you will be issued a "passavant" what you can currently get at the border of Diama or Rosso for 250 Euros. It is valid for 10 days and can be extended twice for 15 days (40 days total) - in St. Louis, Dakar, Kaolack and Ziguinchor.

The CFA is linked to the Euro.
€1 = 640 – 650 CFA
At Zebrabar as well as petrol stations and bigger shops you are able to pay in Euro and CFA.

We do NOT accept credit cards like Master, Visa etc. It is possible to pay in advance by banktransfer.
*CFA: franc de la Communauté Financière Africaine


There is an increasing number of private rallies from England, Holland and Germany to Senegal. Further information on:

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